Brazilian beach house open to the elements

House in Praia Preta has been designed by Nitsche Arquitetos Accociados located on a strip of land between the sea and the mountains of the Serra do Mar in São Paulo, Brazil. The house has been completely remodeled; the only elements preserved are its laminated-wooden structure and a few walls. The design plan for the renovation was to open the living spaces into a single roomy space and strengthen the exterior facade to the natural forces. The 7,696 square foot (715 square meters) house is a large rectangular platform with its longer sides parallel to the beach. Parallel verandas in opposed facades helps with cross ventilation for all the spaces throughout the home.

Here is a project description from the architects, “we deemed conceptually important that the brickwork walls and the opaque elements should be distributed perpendicularly to the beach, so as to provide transparency and fluidity to the building (and let winds, light and views in). Mobile and transparent closing elements are distributed parallel to the beach and have been designed in order to provide maximum aperture. In the veranda, sliding doors running on independent rails may be all withdrawn toward outside the house perimeter; in the rooms, sliding doors and rolling Venetian blinds allow of light and ventilation to enter.

The house puts similar-duty activities together, so as to increase the quality of the spaces. The house’s private areas have been designed to provide maximum privacy, and its common-use areas should promote maximum conviviality and spaciousness. The house has four equal, independent bedrooms, with separate entrances and direct access to the verandas. We’ve tried to put the common-use areas such as living room, TV room and kitchen together in a single, broad space. Such feature promotes meeting and provides the pleasant feeling of a wide, multiple space. Unlike the living room, bedrooms have a ceiling, having therefore a lower and closer height that protects and shelters users during their rest.” Via

Visit the website of Nitsche Arquitetos Accociados here.

Photos: Courtesy of Nitsche Arquitetos Associados

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