Incredible sailboat-inspired floating home

This incredible sailboat-inspired home is called AR-CE Aqua Floathome, designed by Steeltec37 and is located in the Lusatian Lake District in Germany. The aluminum and steel-framed home has a high-performance facade that works to connect the interior with the exterior in an energy-efficient way. The aluminum and steel home features a curved roof and is situated on unsinkable pontoons, which all lead back to the shore. The home offers water, sewage and electric hookups back to shore, as well as unique views of the lake and the landscape. The curved roof protects the home from the wind and weather, while the three other facades enjoy plenty of windows to bring in natural daylight and views. Louvered aluminum screens shield the interior from glare and overheating. The residence features an innovative air-vapor barrier membrane and quality thermal insulation to complete the high performance envelope. A variety of other energy efficient strategies were also employed to reduce overall energy use.

Visit the website of Steeltec37here.

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