A sleek urban loft in Barcelona

This spectacular urban loft, discovered on Mi Casa, is located in Barcelona, Spain, transformed to meet the needs of a young couple. The home features an industrial style with purely decorative elements of beams, pipes, tall ceilings and artifice-free coatings. The home forms a rectangular volume with only two windows distributed in a linear fashion. Interior architects Jaume Rife and Ugo Giannoti devised a solution to customize the space, locating the bedroom and bathroom within only a few meters from each other. The open plan concept unifies the living room, the dining room and the kitchen by using the same oak wood flooring throughout and furniture with simplicity of lines and volumes in two finishes: natural wood and white. The details on steel architectural elements, lamps and decorative accessories emphasize the industrial character of this reform.

One of the ideas carried out in the project consisted of designing a metal cube to house the bathroom and locate the bedroom on the top to save space. In this way, the bed, which is in view and which is accessed by a vertical ladder, relies on the structure and maintains distance sufficient from the ceiling blocks and wooden beams ceiling. Thus, all the spaces are open and visually connected except for the toilet, which adds to the loft aesthetic. A double door access preserves the inner life of the bustle of the street while the opposite output focuses on a terrace, converted into a downtown oasis. Varnished iron, steel, pine, oak, lacquer and fur flooring is a perfect symbiosis of materials which has resulted in a young apartment with a personal stamp, solved with industrial solutions.

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