Fabulous industrial-style Soho loft

We spotted this fabulous solid cement and steel industrial-style loft condominium on The Stein Group, located on the divide between Soho and Tribeca in New York. At 45+/- feet wide, the 3,284 square foot loft offers a rare, nearly square layout allowing for three ample sized bedrooms located in a rear bedroom wing and providing a division of space between living and sleeping quarters.

The loft has a very open and authentic feel, enhanced by the original character of the whitewashed brick walls, cement columns and tall beamed ceilings. There are walls of Western and Eastern facing over-sized tilt-and-turn windows front and back.

The middle of the loft was designed with a mobile partition system which enables the space to be left wide open or temporarily compartmentalized into an art studio, media room, dining room, home gym and storage space. There is a large utility closet, washer-dryer, alarm system and Central AC.

This fantastic loft space is listed for sale at $3,150,000 from here.

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Silus Grok
12 years ago

While it’s a lovely space, it is NOT a loft.

Yes, I’m quibbling. But words MEAN things — and “loft” doesn’t mean “cool urban living space”. It refers to a two story (or more) space, where the second floor does not fill the entire floor plan; it also refers to that second, incomplete story. It’s a term that is a hold-over from our industrial and agricultural heritage. It’s the second story where folks could store items (think: hay) aloft.

This space is a FLAT.

A gorgeous, urban flat.