Underground building: House in Nicolas’ Hill

House 02 has been designed by Moscow-based architectural studio Za Bor Architects and is located on a steep hillside not far from Moscow, Russia. The inclinated terrain has been minimally transformed; in fact, it is a 2,906 square foot (270 square meters) building built-in to the hill. The upper level is a separate white cube, cantilevering over a big span. Here you find the main entrance to this cube, and also a spacious living room with fireplace, a cabinet and a large terrace. The lower level is designed for private zones; it is almost entirely going into the hill. Only one wall has a lot of glazing, looking to the meadows and the nearby river. The inevitable sunlight problem was solved with the help of an inclined clerestory. Via

Visit the website of Za Bor Architects here.

Photos: Peter Zaitsev

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12 years ago

Big fan of modernist style architecture, some very nice lines there!