Charming farmhouse in Malaga adorned with Christmas details


An old farmhouse located in the province of Malaga, Spain has become a beautiful country house with the help of a thorough renovation carried out by its artisan owners. The home is a perfect mixture of Andalusian style and the British look of its owners. The two-story home has retained much of its charm. The main floor encompasses the living room, offering sweeping views over the countryside.

The kitchen and the studio where one of the homeowners teaches traditional yarn and dyeing. A staircase leads up to the second level, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated. The reform respected the vernacular architecture. The flooring was restored and all of the doors and windows were replaced to create a renewed aesthetic. The decoration is a mix of rustic country style—part Andalusian, part British-inspired, the provenances of its owners.


The antique pieces of are perfectly matched with new custom crafted furnishing, folk crafts and cheerful textiles. All this has made possible this harmonious, cozy and dynamic home, in full harmony with nature. The integral reform maintained the rustic spirit of the house, either recovering elements or renovating them.

You can see this in the beams of the ceiling, in the mud floor, in the shutters, in the white walls or in the chimney of the kitchen. The whole family actively participated in the restoration work, plumbing, air conditioning and cabinet making. This can be seen in some of the furnishings, which shows their personal seal, such as the dining room table or wooden stools.


They respected the old niches that existed in the house, which have all been turned into a showcase. In the kitchen, under the staircase and in the closet wardrobe in the master bedroom. The wood in light tones contrasts with the cheerful color of textiles.

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As you can see, Christmas is present but not overdone. An olive tree was placed by the fireplace, instead of the traditional spruce. It is adorned with delicate ornaments, while candles and garlands of lights, both in the kitchen and at the head of the bed, announce that the holidays are close.


What We Love: This stunning farmhouse features charming details at every turn, from the preserved wood beams to the whitewashed walls and everything in between. The Christmas decorations are ever-present but not too overdone, just a hint of glimmer throughout the home.

Readers, what do you find charming about this farmhouse renovation? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Photos: Mi Casa

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