A wood-cladded dream house in Almunecar

This stunning home in Almuñecar, Granada has been aptly named “Pure white”, where the designer, Susanna Cots has worked with and for white. White is the color of sunlight and the union of all colors, it is from here, where the idea was conceived of building a home above the sea in which natural light floods the spaces. The residence has been divided into five zones. The service wing, designed to house up to five people, is designed in white, both as decoration and furnishings. The children’s wing, where the smallest rooms and a living room are located, is the only area where the designer has applied splashes of color.

Then there is the area of day, where the dining room and kitchen are located, which has been planned with the intentions of introducing the outside to the inside, so that one is inundated by the intense blue of the sea, which is wrapped around the entire home. In the upper part of the house, appears a box containing the master suite, all designed in white except for a long black carpet which runs through the center of the space with pops of silver decor throughout. Finally, the zone of guests, in the lower part of the house, along with outdoor pool, has the same exterior pavement to further integrate the outside/inside connection and get merged into a single space. Via

Visit the website of designer Susanna Cots here.

Photos: Courtesy of Susanna Cots

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