The Chimney House in Sao Paulo

The Chimney House has been designed by architects Studio MK27/Marcio Kogan in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A wooden patio with trees, formed by the volumetry of the house and a concrete wall, articulates the entire program of the 4,305 square foot (400 square meters) home. The living room is enclosed in the boxed ground floor of this volume and wide windows open it to the external space. The inner dimensions of the living room 6.5m by 10.3m, and the low ceiling of 2.40m, create a sensation of coziness, accentuated by the textured concrete ceiling made with narrow wooden formwork. In this way, a desired horizontal proportion for this project is created.

In the two-story volume, arranged perpendicular to the living room, on the ground floor, is the kitchen and a family room and, on the second floor, the three bedrooms. Sliding wooden brises filter the light into the inner ambient and the windows open out to the patio. The master bedroom extends outward to a wooden-decked solarium. In this space a ground fire can be used to cook a great barbeque on a sunny day or to light the house on a dark night. The chimneys on the rooftop are of varied shapes, inspired in the chimneys on the rows of houses in the city of Sao Paulo. Via

Visit the website of architects Studio MK27 / Marcio Kogan here.

Photos: Reinaldo Coser + Gabriel Arantes

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12 years ago


Could not agree more, if this were eBay I would give you A++++++!