Simply stunning Swedish apartment

This stunning residence lies inside a historical building built in 1885. It features a lovely 12 square meters terrace with fabulous rooftop views of Vasatan, Sweden. Upon entrance to the recently renovated 1,302 square foot (121 square meters) home there is a lovely guest bathroom and a fully equipped open plan kitchen with white cabinetry and magnificent walnut countertops. The adjoining spacious dining area features a wonderful fireplace. A beautiful staircase leads to the upstairs which features open lounge areas with two different seating areas, bookshelves, skylights, wooden beams and a rooftop terrace with scenic views. There is also a master bedroom, separate bedroom loft that can be reached via a wooden ladder with splendid views and a harmonious bathroom with washing machine, bathtub and generous walk-in closet.

This stunning property in Sweden is listed for sale here.

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12 years ago

What kind of camera did you take those pictures with? They’re just breathtaking.