Spectacular Island House along the Han River

The spectacular Island House is built on the Han River in South Korea’s Kangwon-do prefecture. This stunning residential complex runs over an area of over 700 square meters. The 3,630 square foot (337 square meters) steel structure glass house was designed by Seoul-based firm IROJE KHM Architects. The angled steel and glass façade is designed in such a way to maximize the views when one is sitting inside the house and enjoys views of the landscape beyond and between different parts of the house. The development is architecturally discrete from its surrounding environment while architects firmly believe that the house engages with the landscape, rather than the site, which is quite clear when one steps inside the interior of the home.

All the rooms inside this site-shaped-mass are laid toward the picturesque landscape to enjoy the graceful scenery surrounding this site. The huge panoramic view framed with a sloped ceiling is composed with the lines of stepped roof gardens and the bottom line of the inner courtyard. The double-height open plan living space is arranged at the center of the house. Poured and polished concrete floors and walls make their way throughout the house as they form stairs as well as built in furniture. The construction of the house is arranged around a large outdoor pool and a patio with a dining area which is covered by a steel structure pergola designed in the shape of a speedboat. The exterior landscaping of the house helps create a rather private space with the trees and the pool. A pathway runs from the house to the private marina where the family can take their speedboats and enjoy their excursions in the Han River. Via

Visit the website of IROJE KHM Architects here.

Photos: JongOh Kim

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