A magnificent dwelling on Bowen Island

This spectacular home is located on Bowen Island, a 30 minute ferry ride from Vancouver, British Columbia. Designed by Bai Architects, the design was inspired by the old fish and boat storage structures common in the fishing villages dotted along the B.C. coastline. Integrated into the process from these structures is a simple, linear, utilitarian methodology where roof and walls are cladded in the same materials, creating a seamless transition between structure and size.

At night, the south facing facades constructed of floor to ceiling butted glass glow with interior light, and act as a beacon to the shore. The north side main entry is also fully glazed and acts as a welcome gesture to guests as they approach the home from the end of a long walkway.

From day one the architects faced the challenge of an existing building design scheme, which mandated an Arts and Crafts vernacular. The building envelope also mandated retention of the existing coastal fir stand. The goal was to retain the existing stand of Arbutus trees and coastal Firs and to wrap the program around these assets. The retention of these natural assets would be a fair trade to the Arts & Crafts vernacular. Via

Photos: Michael Boland

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