Stunning desert home with captivating mountain views

The Yerger Residence has been designed by architecture firm Chen + Suchart Studio in Phoenix, Arizona.

From the architects: “This site for this project has one main view to the east towards Camelback Mountain. The intent of the project was to focus the views towards the iconic landmark to capture it and have it constantly a presence in the experience of the house while creating other introspective moments of experience.

The project takes the form of an architectural cast-in-place concrete base upon which a floating sheet steel clad open-ended volume and an 8-4-16 masonry volume are situated. An entry sequence leading from the street, along a koi pond, into the entry, and to a negative edge pool distinguish the main public spaces and master suite while offering a place of repose.

The main living space of the house maintains an open plan configuration and borrows Camelback Mountain and brings it into this space. This relationship is further maintained by the ability to slide sliding glass doors completely away for an uninhibited view. Two guest bedrooms, also part of this open-ended volume, afford the view due to the plan configuration of the bathroom and closet spaces along the west elevation.

The master suite by contrast is a more cellular division of spaces that control views and privacy. A study is located at the same level as the entry and living space while the master bedroom and master bathroom are situated higher in section to allow for additional privacy. The master bedroom has one specific corner view whose sliding glass door is mounted to the exterior of the CMU volume in order to exacerbate the specifity of this view. For reasons of privacy, the master suite is an introverted and focused series of interior spaces and exterior spaces while still maintaining a view to Camelback Mountain from the master bedroom.

The interior finishes of the project juxtapose highly refined materials with raw industrial materials in order to heighten one another’s unique qualities. The interior finishes are comprised of polished wenge millwork, non-directional stainless steel countertops, white Carrera marble, and terrazzo flooring. These finishes constantly enter a dialogue with one another by means of their configuration and junctions.” Via

Visit the the website of Chen + Suchart Studio here.

Photos: Bill Timmerman of Timmerman Photography

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12 years ago

beautiful house !!!

sacasticallybyfanofhouseanddogsvr2ub12 savedog2da
6 years ago

masterfully designed by someone with sacred knowledge rarely seen on this planet can see what other mortals can’t

12 years ago

I LOVE THIS HOUSE! There are so many captivating designs on this site, but this one I truly can not find anything I, personally would change. I love the weathered, rust accented touches on the exterior, but the open, very clean, modern and chic interior. I love the bedroom that sits off, or on the corner of the house, giving it a very private, intimate touch. I love the stone, brick and cement touches, and how the materials were used. I love the placement of everything. Its so precise. The mirrors, doorways and hallways are perfectly placed and designed. I… Read more »