Modern steel and glass home in Toulouse

A couple has converted an old industrial workshop into a spacious steel and glass living space in Toulouse, France. Modern and bright, the translucent structure took a year to reconstruct. The residence features incredible views to the nearby park. There are three rental apartments in the lower part of the voluminous home, the couple, Marie and Bernard, occupy the upper portion of the home which comprises 2,153 square feet (200 square meters). A portion of the original structure was demolished in order to make room for a terrace and swimming pool but a large portion of the framing and roof was kept intact. Twenty-three linear meters of glazing was needed to construct the walls of glass which has been extended over two levels. To create the glass house, the couple had to destroy the original gabled roof of the workshop in order to connect with the frame. Via

Photos: Alexandre Réty

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12 years ago

I’m French, I have seen this house, I love it! and I love your blog!