Gorgeous renovation of a small apartment in Sweden

Linnégatan 31-001

This completely renovated spacious apartment is located on the 4th floor with an elevator and balcony. Turn of the century details with beautiful bright interiors, high ceilings mixed with modern comforts in the form a large kitchen, master bedroom and bath with incredible views overlooking the city. The 1,033 square foot (96 square meters) apartment is in an excellent location in the heart of Linnegatan, Gothenburg, Sweden. The renovation features continuous space solutions with large, high windows, the bright color scale on walls and floors, as well as the high ceilings in the house makes all that the apartment is extremely light.

Straight ahead from the entry hall is a living space that serves as a combined working room and reading room but without further can serve as a dining room, for those who wish. The room is very large and airy with low ceiling height which causes the gaze to automatically look up to the roof with its beautiful stucco. A rounded exterior wall with windows to the balcony is in breach of the fine against the otherwise straight walls. The room offers a magnificent view of the balcony and views of Linnegatan’s rooftops. The walls are painted in an off white hue with brilliant wood floors that are tended and wax with a fresh, white tone.

A wide opening that is separated with double doors opens into the living room. With high ceilings and fine stucco, a larger window, together with the high doors to the balcony makes not only the room bathed in light, it also offers a wonderful view over the rooftops. The balcony becomes an extra room in the warmer part of the year.

The master bedroom features a large window that looks out into the calm courtyard. It is very spacious with good storage solutions in the form of a wardrobe with sliding doors. All walls are painted in an off white hue. The bathroom features white rectangular tiles adorning the walls and floors in a dark grey hue. Radiant floor heating keeps the tiles warm underfoot. The shower features a niche dressed with mosaic tiles created with downlights which creates a bit extra finesse. The laundry area is also located in the bathroom as a space saver.

The spacious kitchen is a key part of this beautiful home, with white lacquered seamless cabinetry, luxurious appliances and a breakfast nook. The walls are painted in a sober light shade which fits together with the chess black and white checkered flooring. Via

Linnégatan 31-02

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