18th century restored Mill House

This 18th-century Germanic house-mill is located in the Penn Dutch country of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It is the only known integrally built house-mill in the United States. Oswald’s Mill offers 10,000 square feet of authentic colonial space in the beautiful countryside for shooting print or film. The stone and beam structure comprises 4 storeys, boasting original details of hand planed random width planks and hand-hewn beams, hand wrought hardware and milk paint.

The restoration has carefully hidden modernization, utilizing antique fixtures. With additions of new furniture and bathroom fixtures the home emits a modern rustic feel. The john still flushes with the pull of the string, but the water pressure is definitely from modern times. The Mill features an antique kitchen with a coal cook stove filled with 18th and 19th century Dutch and Colonial utensils and equipment. The restoration of this fabulous mill-house has been a work in progress for the past 13 years by the owner/photographer of this home, Cynthia van Elk and her husband. Via

Photos:  Cynthia van Elk

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