The Zen Retreat by Etchboo Design

Etchboo Design has sent us images of a modern home they designed to complement and blend in a historic neighborhood in St. Augustine, Florida. Historical for its time, this handsome contemporary residence was built in 2007 on a small infill lot in a neighborhood of homes, dating from the 1800’s. The home is meticulously crafted and uniquely designed to take full advantage of this incredible location. The view from each window has a unique story to tell, framing historical elements in nearby structures, a 100′ Bronze cross from a nearby Mission, incredible azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. The slender design of the 2,400 square foot residence consists of two living floors, and an outdoor skydeck to entertain guests and take in the amazing setting.

With the use of natural materials and muted colors the home blends incredibly well. Built to be a low maintenance residence, the structure incorporates copper panels on the north face of the building; and concrete and wood are used extensively throughout the home. Color changing LED lighting is used throughout the structure to provide a wide range of nighttime ambiance. Local shell has been used to create a tropical oasis in the pool area. The owner/designer of this home, Jason Fort of Etchboo Design, who also is a furniture designer, has incorporated custom built-in features throughout the home that are intrinsic to the overall thoughtfulness and details of this design.

Custom designed “You look Marvelous!” light fixture by Etchboo Design found here.

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