A lovely Swedish summer house

Remember those simple summer holidays where you packed up the car with all the essentials and just a few little luxuries and made the trek to your holiday spot. Year after year your family always stayed at the same cottage or shack; simple and basic but oh so special. Days were spent lazing about, swimming or hiking, winding down and enjoying the slow life. Here is a charming vacation retreat in the woods, located in Sweden. This home is simple but stylish, nothing that isn’t necessary and just enough to enjoy your stay comfortably. This lovely summer house belongs to Swedish stylist Mikael Beckman. Unfortunately it is time for him to say goodbye to it and he is selling. This gorgeous Swedish home is listed for sale here.

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kristin eldridge photography
12 years ago

I’m in love with all those white floors!

12 years ago

Very well written. Log or Wooden cabins are the major stakeholders in construction industry as they are less expensive and more comfortable. I remember myself staying at log cabin on my holidays in UK. Thanks for posting such a nice post.

12 years ago

A very nice post. Log cabins are gaining too much prominence now a days as they are one of the prime attraction for tourists. Besides they can be used for residential and commercial purposes. Indeed a very informative post on log cabins. I just subscribed for the same and hope you will be posting same sort of stuff regularly. Thanks

Swedish Dekor
12 years ago

Gorgeous! It looks like the perfect summer vacation home! We love the clean lines and organization of the design while still maintaining a comfortable and cozy feel. Whoever buys it is one lucky person!