Ultra luxurious penthouse in Johannesburg

This incredible three-level penthouse was designed by architecture firm SAOTA along with OKHA Interiors in Johannesburg, South Africa. Based on the client’s brief, the architects were to design a product that would showcase the evolution of 21st Century urban living, reflecting individualism as well as evolve the technological aspects of the “smart home”, with tailored lighting and automation. Designer, Adam Court, saw this project as a gateway to set a new standard in modern urban luxury living; an opportunity to illustrate how a family unit can live in central Sandton in complete calm, security and comfort. Despite the fact that this was an 11th floor penthouse apartment in a commercial city center, he elected to provide an indoor / outdoor flow not normally associated with metro living. “In effect, we created a wall-less 900 square meter penthouse, with a garden, that gives the impression of levitating above the city mass.”

“We created a continual flow from zone to zone, utilizing materials that emphasized the sense of space, transparency and reflection. We introduced organic textural / tactile elements through the use of timber and flamed granite to soften and add a counterpoint to the contemporary drama.” The designers needed to maintain a fluid connectivity throughout but also give each zone its own specific look. Accordingly, they employed stylistically different furniture and decor elements from space to space and also used color accents unique to each sector.

The overall palette throughout is black and white with additional color used as an exotic accent. Artwork, sculpture, glassware ceramics play a vital role in adding soul, depth and character. “The decor is contemporary, simple and elegant. We were not trend-driven but rather used modern designs that referenced classical elegance. It’s not only about physical aesthetics, but more about energy and mood. Here, we managed to merge the functional, physical and emotive requirements of suburban living.”

Photos: DOOK Photography