Modernist swimming pool house

New York-based Hariri & Hariri Architecture has designed a 1,200 square foot pool house which rests upon the 3.5 acre property of a suburban Connecticut residence. The design of the pool house serves as a contrast to the traditional architecture of the existing home. The dominate extended ceiling provides shelter for those lounging around the pool, enjoying the water, or sitting on the patio.

Designed as “a minimalist sculpture in the landscape,” the pool house is characterized by its long angular archway of wood which spans the length of the pool and then bends to provide cover for an outdoor seating area. The frame is made of Brazilian Walnut and makes “the place warm, nautical and sculptural at the same time.”

The wood floors extend past the interior of the home to create a hovering deck above the pool allowing users to lounge right above the surface of the water.

Inside, the pool house contains a living/entertainment room, kitchen and bar area, and a simple bathroom. Glass sliding panels enclose the structure allowing it to be transparent and light. By opening the interior spaces, the areas do not detract from the wrapped wooden component.

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