A wooded glass pavilion in the forest

The spectacular Lake Forest Park Residence is a renovation of an existing 1950’s Northwest Contemporary house on a secluded, wooded site about 25 miles north of Seattle, Washington designed by Finne Architects. With extensive new windows and glazed roof monitors, the renovated house appears to be a glass pavilion in the forest.

The floor plan has been re-organized to create a spacious, light-filled Master Bedroom and Master Bath, with each space surrounded by glass and views to the forest. The main living, dining and spaces have been slightly enlarged, with high windows has been added to bring soft natural light to the entire space. The glass wall between the master bedroom and master bathroom has been transformed with the use of a hand-drawn pattern in etched glass, with the pattern being more dense at the bottom (for a sense of privacy) and increasingly transparent at the top.

Sustainable design practices includes radiant under floor heating throughout, high clerestory windows bring natural light deep into the house and motorized operators allow for venting during summer months. Many green materials (such as resin panels, quart counters, linoleum, low VOC paint, and sustainable wood products) were used in the project. Via

Visit the website of Finne Architects here.

Photos:  Benjamin Benschneider

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