Gorgeous old barn gets new life

Maxwan Architects renovated an old 1,300 square foot barn into a beautiful two level home site bordering the river Linge in Geldermalsen, the Netherlands. Here is the project description:

“We were asked to help realize their dream of a large kitchen living room where they could relax, entertain friends and organize wine tasting sessions for their customers. In the past, the previous owners had already realized an extension by simply extruding the high barn, adding 10 meters, in two floors. At our first visit we found the house difficult to inhabit. Most strikingly, virtually no relation existed to the beautiful landscape surrounding the house. All facade openings were too small, in the wrong place, or both. We proposed to invert the layout of the house, moving the offices and storage space to occupy the recent extension and the private spaces to the old barn. A large slit was cut into the barn roof to bring in light.”

The final touch was a large piece of furniture that would serve as kitchen, storage, stairs and library all at once.

Photos: Filip Dujardin


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Thanks for your great ideas, The pictures give us much more ideas about extension. Thanks a lot…

Like the staircase shows a real Scandinavian design. Nice open spaces thanks for the post.