Modern hideaway on the Icelandic countryside

This remarkable vacation house design called Casa G is located in the beautiful countryside of Iceland. Designed by Gudmundur Jonsson Architects, this modern vacation home combines mixed materials throughout of concrete, stone, wood and glass, resulting in a two storey home that is in perfect harmony with its surroundings. Inspiration for the home was taken based on the encompassing landscape. The concept design of this amazing house was to provide different panoramic views from each side of the home. A curved wall with its complementing curved ceiling provides a break in the linear lines of the home. The exterior view of this vacation house has some beautiful landscape differences distinctively in each direction, south the view to the sea and islands, north the characteristic triangular mountain and east a stunning glacier that appears as a painting experienced from the interior. The guest-wing of the structure stretches to the canyon and the river towards the west. Thus the building concept is a composition and dialogue of views and experiences with nature.

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