Ginormous home WOW!

This boldly colorful Montauk Beach House located in Long Island, New York, was designed and decorated by Ghislaine Vinas Interior Design for a New York City family with three young boys. The homeowner is an avid art collector and the owner of Mixed Greens, a gallery in New York. The home is a classic Hamptons shingle style beach home retreat, but Ms. Vinas took the design to a whole new level with a playful introduction of vivid colors and an eclectic and stylish decor. The concept of the home was to keep it upbeat, fun and very cheerful. Mixing old styles with the new, and adding a lot of various shapes and textures. Color was to make a bold statement in every room, with some rooms picking up the hues of the ocean with the addition of hot pink and coral in other spaces to add fun, excitement and vivaciousness. There are five guest rooms, each making their own statement, so that guests would stay in a different room with a new theme each time they visited.

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