Unusual tropical leaf house in Brazil

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Leaf House was designed by Mareines+Patalano Arquitetura. This project was inspired by Brazil’s Indian architecture, perfectly suited for the hot and humid climate of Angra dos Reis, which is just one hour south of Rio de Janeiro.

The roof acts as a big leaf that protects all the enclosed spaces of the house from the sun, such as the verandas and the in-between open spaces. All the open spaces are the main social areas, the essence of the design. They allow trade winds from the ocean to pass trough the building, providing natural ventilation and passive cooling. The architects see this as low-tech eco-efficiency where it has the greatest impact; as the concept of the architectural design.

The architects, in agreement with the client, understand the idea of a tropical beach house as a means of enhancing the interaction between man and nature, trying not to separate them completely. There are no corridors, with the interior and exterior spaces being almost fused. Rainwater is harvested from the roof for re-use. With its natural finishes, organic aesthetics and richness of details, the house is in harmony with the exuberant Brazilian nature.

Leaf House-06-1 Kindesign

Leaf House-05-1 Kindesign

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13 years ago

the imagination and creativity of humans makes me marvel at what God could do.

13 years ago

Daring, dramatic, classic…..very pretty