Modern style beach home in Cabos: Casa Finisterra

Gripping on the edge of a rock cliff, Casa Finisterra is located in Cabo San Lucas on a site above the ocean. Designed by Steven Harris Architects and decorated by Rees Roberts, it is a 9,000 square-foot, 5 bedroom, 7 bath out of this world fantasy home. Featuring stone patios, glass walls, and balconies overlooking the sea, while gorgeous minimalist furnishings complement the view. Designer Rees Roberts has dived into Casa Finisterra head-first, bringing a fresh, modern style to what may well be the perfect contemporary beach home. This exciting, contemporary design is a paradox – urban, yet organic; elegant and relaxed; open and private all at the same time. It is everything a luxury beach house should be. Built into the rocky shore, this home has become one with its surroundings. Open-air terraces and expansive windows with unobstructed views, further solidify its connection to nature. It is not all about being just connected to nature at this amazing home. This incredible beach home boasts modern, minimalist furnishings and abstract art that complement the organic concrete, stone, metal and glass elements within. A neutral palette of white, beige and grey adds to the home’s cool, calm atmosphere.


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