Extremely unique home pushes the limits of design

If numerous elements incorporated into a home marks the vision of comfort in the 21st century, this residence in Madrid meets every one of them. It all starts with an amazing location, in a residential suburb surrounded by forest. The home has been designed with top quality materials, making the structure so unique that, according to the architect, Benjami­n Calleja, it has become “a work of art in a residence.” The project has complete integration of nature within the context of the space. The home was constructed as a clean-lined horizontal, solid and weightless volume, while welcoming a succession of open spaces with whole glass facades that opens the home entirely to the exterior. The ground floor is the core of the home. It offers complete openness without visual barriers,  encompassing a lounge space, dining room and kitchen that creates a unique atmosphere. The upstairs features all the private areas, a long corridor defines the space and is open to the first level to enhance the open, airy feel of the home. The residence boasts the latest in home automation, with signature devices that controls numerous functions such as various light scenes, temperature sensors, background music in all the rooms, and automatic removal of the large glass panels that surrounds the perimeter of the home. The exterior facade offers a dynamic contrast of white Viroc panels mixed with the dark volcanic stone. Via

All the furniture pieces are designer, with teakwood tables in the center brought in from Jakarta.

A gateway of limestone slabs bypasses a sheet of water that envelops the home and connects it with the garden areas.

The outdoor dining room features a lounge area with a cinema screen and audio-visual equipment.

Ethnic crafts have been used as decoration throughout the home.

The dining table is constructed of solid teak, there is a home office above.

The kitchen has been integrated with the dining room, with clean lines and a unique design.

The built-in bed is made of volcanic stone.

The bathroom has been integrated into the master bedroom, created as a transparent space that has been delineated by glass walls.

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