The marshmallow house by Sepka Architects

This pink-polyurethane-clad house, is located on a sloping terrain on the outskirts of Cernín, just 26 miles outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. Designed by Sepka Architects, local architecture critics refer to the 1,300 square-foot structure as “the marshmallow house”. The interior of the home has virtually no internal walls or doors and few level floors, most are ramps that traverse the interior. Its finishes are equally quirky: the interior is bright green, while the boxy exterior is covered entirely in pink polyurethane. The clients did not set out to create an eccentric home, their request was an ultra modern home with a movie room. The original concept was to design a two-story home with a single sloped floor because of the clients wishes to have an in-home theater. Since this design would be over the clients budget, the architects had to be creative and design a more compact house. The final budget worked out to $300K. As for privacy, the three bedrooms and basement storage room are the only rooms that have doors. The sloped floors are covered with artificial turf to prevent slipping. The pink exterior of the home was not intentional, budget constraints from the the planned metallic cladding had to be replaced with a cheaper polyurethane spray that is only available in a limited range of colors. Via

The platform was built for the crib to keep it stabilized.

Photos: Andreas Meichsner

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