Secluded ranch home between mountain and sea

Created by San Fransisco-based architects, Turnbull Griffin Haesloop, this natural rustic wood home design is located at the Sea Ranch in California on an infill lot. The home is 1,030 square feet with a 550 square foot guest house and was built in 2007. The house design is inspired by Japanese simplicity, constructed mostly out of wood. The main house was designed in the form of a barn shape, and the guest house as a replication of an agricultural shed to mimic earlier agricultural forms of the north coast. Simple from the outside and in, the home features a continuous band of windows and doors angling to capture the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Cedar ceilings and sheetrock walls create a clean minimalistic interior. Grass planted header steps spill down from the deck out into the open meadow of wild flowers and grasses.

The materials have been layered to reveal the steel and framing of the wood window wall. The white painted walls form the major walls and by reserving the exposed wood and steel construction for the shaped walls and bays, the detailing further reinforces the overall site and spatial experience.

I love all the wood, natural simplicity and beautiful surroundings of this home. What do you think?

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