Bohemian-inspired beach house off the California coast

Ron Mann Design created this distinguishable Sonoma, California beach house. For each project he works on he looks to nature and the local terrain for inspiration. In this beach house project he united traditional construction elements with modern ones, mixing driftwood with found objects and his own custom pieces for a coastal-bohemian vibe. The home has a very modern looking exterior with traditional stucco walls and a whitewashed tile roof, giving way to a more rustic interior design feel throughout. The outdoor areas blend seamlessly with each other, allowing space for entertaining as well as a living environment. The open plan interior enables the homeowner to have spectacular views of the Pacific ocean. Mexican chairs and other wooden elements come with contemporary white furniture side by side all around the house. Mann’s roughly hewn tables and chairs can be purchased at Maisonry in Napa Valley, California. Via

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