Living garden walls: succulent eco art

For something completely new and different for your walls, try these eco-friendly, living wall gardens. These framed art gardens were made popular by Flora Grubb Gardens and are made with succulents, which have a great array of shapes and colors. They are very easy to care for, and they survive in almost any moisture condition. Although they require good natural light, care and maintenance of them is kept at a minimum since these plants only need a light misting every few days. Succulents are perfect for this wall art because certain types don’t even need any soil. Instead, they absorb moisture through their leaves. These vertical gardens are like living mosaic walls. The system is modular so you can build a vertical garden in any design based on 20x 20 square panels. It is a system for planting on a vertical surface that is outdoors (for indoor vertical gardens consider the Pocket Garden. The set-up requires free drainage and can be irrigated using a garden hose, applying water to the plants manually (which is done in the Flora Grubb garden), or the system is designed to accommodate a built-in irrigation line for automatic watering. What better way to bring the outdoors into your home than by showcasing the beauty of these plants as a genius work of living art!

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