Modern home with an incredible pool: Casa Devoto

This incredible 5,920 square-foot home is called Casa Devoto and was designed by the elusive Andres Remy Architects, as a private residence for a couple with two children in Devoto, Argentina. The integral part of the design plan of the home was centered around the swimming pool, which seems to have an influence on how this particular home looks and feels. It seems that the pool is not just an accessory, but has become the focal point of the entire residence. The house looks absolutely breathtaking and features impressive modern architecture. Wide open spaces creates a connection to the exterior and gives a feeling of freedom. The interior design is diverse, yet every room is stylish and designed with an acute sense for aesthetics. An interesting fact is that the original elevated pool can be seen from various angles, from inside, as well as from the interior yard. This is not necessarily good in terms of privacy but you have to appreciate its uniqueness.

The living, kitchen and dining rooms expose the garden that penetrates all the volumes in the house.

The swimming pool is elevated from the ground creating a glass wall, allowing a fishbowl from different points in the house and focal point outside the house.

Every detail was considered; the bedrooms are located in the east overlooking the heart of the house, the garden. The upper floor features a spa, with a jacuzzi, sauna and a gym with an exterior patio.

Photos:  Alejandro Peral

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