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5 Wallpaper tips to transform any novice into an expert

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Considering using wallpaper instead of paint on your walls can be a huge design decision, but if you don’t have wallpapering skills, check out some wallpaper tips to get started. Wallpaper is now making a comeback, being very on trend. Some leading trends include aged elegance or even a subtle worn appearance, wall murals, and even a […]

60 Creative ways to showcase wallpaper on your walls

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Wallpaper has made a major comeback and there are some extremely creative ways to showcase wallpaper that will surely impress you to incorporate it into your design scheme. With a variety of textures and images and varying hues, wallpaper can transform any room from ordinary into extraordinary, in ways that even paint just can’t. Wallpaper adds […]

Graphic wall letters creates eye popping interiors

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There is a growing trend and demand for super creative wall decor, such as wall decals and incredible wallpapers, and even graphic wall hangings based on letters or words. The Italian based company Wall & Deco brings an intriguing concept of creating typology wallpaper designs from their 2010 ‘Life’ Collection Collection. The patterns seem to […]