Stunning restored Victorian dwelling in Melbourne

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The Kooyong House has been designed by Matt Gibson Architecture in Melbourne, Australia. The existing site contained a grand Victorian double front dwelling in desperate need of repair. The front facade of the residence was preserved and restored to its original grandeur. After removing a previous addition, an upper level was added, as well as […]

Shabby-chic gingerbread house

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Sandra Foster’s Catskills, NY dream home does not include a bathroom or a kitchen. It was a complete labor of love to turn it into her personal shabby-chic retreat. She lives, with her husband, across the river in their 1971 mobile home that does include a bath and kitchen, but this place is truly inspiring. […]

Traditional Victorian home gets sleek and stylish makeover

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Emerging from behind its high boundary wall, the distorted roof form of Vader House interrupts the symmetrical roof line typical of Fitzroy, which is located in Melbourne, Australia and breathes new life into this 1,291 square foot Victorian Terrace. The extension, designed by Andrew Maynard Architects, is a framed steel skeleton which envelopes the unusually […]

Woodside Victorian mansion in Australia

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Located in St Kilda, Victoria, Australia, this incredible Victorian mansion and artist’s studio entitled ‘Woodside’ has been owned by famous artists and decorated to proudly show off their extraordinary talents. At 12,804 square feet, this historical home features enormous rooms in an incredible floorplan, marvelously embellished with half a dozen marble mantels over open fireplaces; […]