A prefabricated Scandinavian dream home in the forest

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Completed in 2012, this villa is a prefabricated holiday home for a couple and their five active children, designed by PlusArchitects Ltd, located on Lake Päijänne, Finland. The homeowners wanted a design that reflected a modern Scandinavian lifestyle and Nordic aesthetics. The best thing about this location is that it can be used for all seasons, with plenty […]

Chic and trendy Scandinavian style apartment in Russia

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This Scandinavian style apartment is a brilliant conceptual design carried out by the talented CG artist Denis Krasikov, located in Murmansk, Russia. Bright white walls and soaring ceilings helps to illuminate the space, creating a bright and airy interior. Well appointed furniture arrangements throughout the space creates an ideal living environment for the new homeowners. The […]

Fascinating Scandinavian style loft apartment in Prague

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This Scandinavian style loft apartment project is a conceptually designed home by Denis Krasikov for a client living in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. The interiors of this home are very interesting, with soaring ceilings, an exposed brick wall to separate the kitchen and breakfast nook from the living room and a staircase that leads […]

Duplex features minimalist lines with Scandinavian aesthetics

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Interior NVMD is a duplex with a loft designed for a family with two children by INT2 Architecture, located in Zelenograd, a city in Moscow, Russia. Comprised of 1,614 square feet (150 square meters), the whole space reflects a minimalist feel with Scandinavian aesthetics mixed with eco-industrial elements. The lower level offers a spacious open plan concept […]

Cozy one bedroom Scandinavian designed flat with open floor plan

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This meticulously renovated one bedroom Scandinavian designed flat spotted on Stadshem, is located in Linnéstaden, a central urban district of Gothenburg, Sweden. High windows in deep niches fill the living room with light while they, along with the generous ceiling height, create a wonderfully airy atmosphere. Comprised of just 452 square feet (42 square meters) of living […]

Bringing outside in: Decorate your home the Scandinavian way

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In the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark where winters are long and dark, people have come up with clever ways of maximizing light all year round. Light, refreshing hues, stream-lined furnishings and a marked absence of clutter characterizes Scandinavian style. Lighter tones help to combat the darkness since the sun goes down very […]

60 Chic Scandinavian kitchen designs for enjoyable cooking

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 If you enjoy cooking in an appealing kitchen and dine surrounded by a cozy atmosphere, we have 60 Scandinavian kitchen designs that will give you tons of inspiration. Scandinavian kitchens are all very modern and simple yet at the same time elegant. A Scandinavian kitchen can have white, grey or blue walls but sometimes even […]

Charming and cozy Scandinavian style apartment in Warsaw

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This charming and cozy Scandinavian style apartment is a private home that has been designed by Soma Architekci, situated in Warsaw, Poland. This modern apartment offers 1,400 square feet of living space, located in a housing facility nearby the Szczęśliwicki Park. An initial projection of the apartment design was met with challenges due to an […]

Scandinavian craftsman unveils unique design ideas in Vancouver

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Lloyd Avenue Residence is a Scandinavian Craftsmen style home that has been designed by Erica Winterfield Design and is situated in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The goal for this young family when designing their dream home was to blend their love of a craftsman exterior with a clean-lined, contemporary interior. The designers paid homage to the […]

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