Modern concrete house in the Chilean mountains

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This fascinating modern concrete dwelling was designed by Chilean architecture company Estudio Valdés Arquitectos, positioned high atop the rugged mountains of Chile. Nestled boldly on a mountaintop is this dramatic box-like concrete structure that forms a u-shape. Most of the dwelling is enclosed in floor-to-ceiling glass offering views and natural light. On one side of the house […]

Oceanfront property nestled cliffside in Chile: Tunquen House

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Tunquen House is an oceanfront property nestled high on a cliff over 50 meters above sea level, the incredible vision of Nicolás Lipthay Allen / L2C, located in Tunquen, Algarrobo, Valparaíso Region, Chile. The house can be found 160 kilometers outside of the city of Santiago, sitting in a contemplative and respectful manner, as a […]

Amazing beachfront property in Chile by Raimundo Anguita

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Casa Zapallar Papudo is a stunning beachfront property that has been designed by architecture studio Raimundo Anguita, and is located on the coast, in the coastal way between Zapallar and Papudo, Chile. The area is one of the more exclusive and elegant places of summer vacation on the central Chilean littoral. This beach home, with […]

Stunning Chilean vacation home overlooking the ocean

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The Tunquen Residence is a stunning private vacation home situated in Tunquen, Chile designed by Grupo 7 Architecture + Interiors. The architecture studio completed all aspects of the project, including the interiors, lighting design and construction administration. Nestled on a mountainside with views out towards the ocean, the home is surrounded by a rocky outcropping […]

Modern home integrated into striking natural surroundings

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Integrated within the striking natural surroundings, Espinoza House is a single family home that derives its characteristics from the landscape around it, integrating, stone, wood and glass and opening up to the bay. Designed by Chilean architecture practice WMR the 1,506 square foot (140 square meters) home is nestled on the mountains surrounding Matanzas beach, […]

Spectacular cliffside cabin off the Chilean coast

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Tres Hermanos Cabin was designed by Chilean architecture studio WMR, a low-cost residence located on a spectacular cliff in Matanzas, off the Chilean central coast, which seeks to reflect the lifestyle of its young surfer inhabitants. In the same spirit of the architect’s project for Puccio House, WMR have worked with a striking location, and […]

Trees interacting with living space in Chilean home

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This Chilean home is that of architect Carolina Katz, her husband and four children, where trees are a part of the home’s original design that was constructed 27 years ago by well-known architect Fernando Castillo Velasco. The interior courtyard features four ficus trees and one almond tree, which is part of what drew Katz to […]

Wood-cladded dwelling in Chile with ocean views

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Casa El Pangue stands on a steep slope facing the ocean in the rural area of El Pangue, Chile. Designed by Elton+Leniz Arquitectos Asociados, the 4,703 square foot (437 square meters) house is organized with a central vertical circulation, connecting the four levels and three terraces, in order to get as much of the view […]

Deep in Patagonia’s landscape: Hotel Salto Chico

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The enormous mountain range of the Chilean Patagonia as a backdrop adds to the true beauty and wonderment of this region. The architecture of the hotel is small-scale in comparison to its surrounding environment. Designed by talented Chilean architect German del Sol, founder of the Explora travel agency, Hotel Salto Chico can be found at […]

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