15 Best Backyard Plunge Pool Ideas For Summertime Fun

best backyard plunge pool ideas

Make a splash this summer by incorporating a backyard plunge pool that will help you cool off without taking up too much space like a traditional swimming pool.

Plunge pools can be tailored to fit your desired dimensions and depth, and constructed from a variety of materials. They are typically quicker and simpler to install, with costs significantly lower than those of traditional. Additionally, their small footprint allows for the inclusion of other desirable backyard features such as gardens, alfresco dining areas, lounges, or play areas for the kids.

Small and space-efficient, the typical dimensions of a plunge pool are 8 to 12 feet in width and 12 to 24 feet in length. Constructed from materials such as fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl, they offer flexibility for both in-ground and above-ground installations, with in-ground designs being the preferred choice for most homeowners.

A true plunge pool should have at least 56″ of water depth so that the average person will be shoulder-deep in water. “7’x13′ is the sweet spot for plunge pool size”, says Brian Larson, of Soake Pools. “It’s more than enough room to move or swim in, while still being small enough to heat or cool efficiently.  Anything larger doesn’t make sense for a plunge pool. At that point, you might as well install a full-size swimming pool for summer use only.”

Get some amazing ideas below on how to add a plunge pool to your backyard. We have included the links to the sources of who designed each of the pools along with further details about the construction. Let’s dive in!

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1. Natural Oasis.

farmhouse plunge pool with a stone clad fireplace

Incorporate natural elements such as rocks, stones, and lush greenery to craft a serene oasis in your backyard. Add a fireplace and a small bistro set to enjoy a romantic meal, alfresco style. (via Soake Pools)

2. Pool With A Waterfall.

traditional style plunge pool with a waterfall

This homeowner worked with the landscape architect to design an enchanting space with a plunge pool as the focal point. The backyard of a home in Massachusetts gets magical filtered light, and the waterfall provides a gentle and soothing sound to mask the noise of cars or neighbors. (via Soake Pools)

3. Tropical Paradise.

tropical plunge pool

 Transform your backyard into a tropical getaway with a palm-fringed plunge pool surrounded by vibrant foliage. This private oasis offers a relaxed atmosphere with its raised deck with sun loungers. (via Boban Gorgiev)

4. Beach Style Escape.

beach style pool

This plunge pool of a backyard in Miami, Florida is approximately 8X12. Due to historic setbacks, the pool was maximized by this small size of 8 feet wide by 14 length. It is an Endless Pool with a machine since the homeowner is a swimmer. The depth is 4 feet. (via MHK Architecture)

5. A Compact Backyard Getaway.

backyard plunge pool with a deck

backyard plunge pool

Make the most of limited space with a sleek and stylish plunge pool that fits seamlessly into urban settings. The designer of this pool suggests the following “As far as cooling off, any water source has the potential to be refreshing. You do have to consider where it’s sited. If you are in Central Texas and have direct sun on the smaller pool all day long, the pool is likely to get pretty close to ambient temperature. When it’s 100 degrees in Austin, that’s not quite refreshing. If you do choose to go with a smaller pool, we recommend that it gets some shade throughout the day to keep the water temperature down. If that’s not an option then installing a heat pump would work as well. Heat pumps can work for both heating and cooling.” (via Austin Outdoor Design)

6. Urban Escape.

contemporary plunge pool in the city

floor plan layout of a backyard landscape with a plunge pool

The plunge pool size is 14ft x 5ft by Diamond Spa. The pavers are by Mirage—Quartziti 2.0; Size 24×48; color: Waterfall (QR03). The globe light fixtures are from a company called Moonlight USA, Inc. based in Florida. The planters were custom-fabricated by a local metal fabricator. (via dSPACE Studio)

7. Fresh And Clean.

traditional style backyard plunge pool

Enhance your plunge pool experience with comfortable seating, sun loungers, and shade options for ultimate relaxation. The plunge pool size is 12′ x 5′. The trees planted on the left along the wood fence wall are Sweet Bay Laurel trees. (via Molly Wood Garden Design

8. Modern Minimalism.

traditional style plunge pool surrounded by nature

Opt for clean lines and geometric shapes for a contemporary plunge pool design that exudes sophistication. For this Chevy Chase home, the pool with marble surround is inspired by the reflecting pool at the Washington Monument. For slip resistance, special rubber runners are custom-made for when swimmers are present. They blend with the existing marble. The dimensions are 30.9″ x 3.5″ and 5′ deep. Behind the pool is a poured-cinder block wall with a stucco finish. (via Anthony Wilder Design/Build)

9. Countryside Villa-Inspired Pool.

plunge pool with a countryside backyard

plunge pool with a countryside backyard

Designer Emily Henderson added an amazing three-in-one saltwater Soake Pool to the backyard of her family’s home in Portland, Oregon. The heat-able 7×13-foot pool is surrounded by blue stone pavers, native grasses, and airy white umbrellas. The auto-cover has a pretty cedar panel covering its vault, tying the fence in with the patio. The pool includes heating technology that makes it cool in the summer and turns it into a hot tub during the winter months — the best of both worlds! (via Kaitlin Green for Style By Emily Henderson)

10. Pool With A View.

traditional plunge pool with outdoor furniture on a flagstone patio

traditional plunge pool with stone steps

Maximize your backyard’s scenic vistas with a strategically positioned plunge pool that offers breathtaking views. This standard-sized 7×13 concrete plunge pool is 5 feet deep. The interior is finished with a subtle grey Daltile for an earthy look that blends with its natural surroundings. This pool’s saltwater filtration system provides smooth silky water to its swimmers. The pool is further enhanced with a lovely garden around it to soften the edges. This pool is also equipped with an LED color-changing light to make nights more fun! When selecting finish materials for the plunge pool, Soake Pools says they love using “natural stone and bluestone coping.” (via Soake Pools)

11. Garden Plunge Pool.

plunge pool surrounded by gardens

Create a secluded retreat with a hidden plunge pool tucked away in a private corner of your backyard oasis. Add a water feature for an overall sense of tranquility. A wooden fence and plants provide a feeling of seclusion and privacy — and a tropical feel! (via Chris Spalding)


transitional style deck with a plunge pool and a pair of Acapulco lounge chairs

transitional style deck with a plunge pool aerial view

The backyard of a home in Austin, Texas features this inviting plunge pool with a sliding deck pool cover that is also used for lounging. Similar Acapulco blue-green lounge chairs can be found at CB2. (via Cutters Landscaping)

13. Backyard Paradise.

endless plunge pool

This endless pool has a swim-in-place system and measures 9×18. The interior of the pool is black bottom plaster with slate at the water line. The aquamarine color is the sky’s reflection. The flooring around the pool is Antique French limestone hand-selected and shipped by container. The yellow umbrella was sourced from Cost Plus World Market. The flowers over the sunroom are Bougainvillea. (via Hunter Architecture)

14. Tropical Haven.

tropical plunge pool

In the Yucatan Peninsula, stone walls and lush vegetation surround this refreshing plunge pool. The wooden deck floats over the pool water and has a chukum finish (a natural tree resin). A vibrant hammock swings gracefully over the deck near the entrance to the home. (via Workshop, Diseño y Construcción)

15. Compact Elegance.

compact backyard plunge pool surrounded by nature

Embrace the charm of a small but stylish plunge pool, perfect for cozy backyard settings. This 6×10 plunge pool is nestled into a small lush garden in Northshore Massachusetts. Sometimes simple design is the best! These lucky homeowners enjoy the use of their pool all year long. (via Soake Pools)

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