Beyond Charming Historic Preservation of a Stone Farmhouse in Pennsylvania


Peter Zimmerman Architects is responsible for the renovation and addition of this charming stone-clad farmhouse that is located in Oley, Pennsylvania. This renovation and addition project revolves around the Yoder Family homestead, located in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

The Yoder family resided in the Oley Valley of Berks County prior to 1720 and were owners of this specific property before 1780. While the main section of the house dates back to 1829, indicated by the house plate on the front facade, there is substantial evidence of an earlier log structure occupying the same footprint.


Furthermore, the numerous outbuildings seem to predate the 1829 portion of the house. The objective of the renovations and additions was to double the house’s size while preserving and restoring its original architectural integrity.


The additions consist of a kitchen, family room, first-floor library, several open and enclosed porches, and an upper-level owner’s bedroom suite. A glazed porch was used to connect the free-standing summer kitchen to both the existing and new sections of the house. Inappropriate contemporary modifications to the house were also eliminated, ensuring that the configuration of the house honored its historical legacy.


All materials utilized, both inside and outside the dwelling, were native to the Oley Valley and originated from the 18th century. The stone used in construction was obtained from the excavations required for the new basement spaces. Authentic timber floor systems were seamlessly integrated into the design and structure of the house.

The renovations and additions to this historic home were thoughtfully designed to blend harmoniously with the original structures, while also catering to the practical needs of a contemporary lifestyle.


What We Love: This historic stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania carries a rich legacy. With its main section dating back to 1829 and evidence of an earlier log structure, the house exudes a captivating sense of history. The meticulous renovations and additions not only doubled its size but also honored the original architectural integrity. Through the preservation of indigenous materials and seamless integration of authentic features, this home effortlessly harmonizes the past with the present, offering a truly exceptional living experience.

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11 months ago

Love love this house. Totally charming, but wish the two kitchen sinks were under windows. I’d rather look at this beautiful landscape than a cupboard full of dishes.
thought it was cute that the dog was curled up in front of the missing fire

11 months ago

This is a truly beautiful house – I love that the additions to the existing house are aligned with its history. Just look at those perfectly-imperfect floorboards – I bet they have many wonderful stories to tell.

Last edited 11 months ago by Chrissy
Stacey Purcell
11 months ago

What a wonderful home. I’m sure they must really enjoy being there.

11 months ago

Stone is the best.

Anneke Van de Laar
11 months ago

Beautiful, “pure” renovation. Looks a bit like the old farms in Normandy, France.

11 months ago

i love this house , beautiful