Farmhouse-inspired residence with a fabulous greenhouse in Pennsylvania

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Design build studio JLF Architects was responsible for this gorgeous farmhouse-inspired residence, nestled in the hillside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This scope of this project entailed the revival of an historical property that resulted in an inviting exterior that is equally amazing on the interior.

This home began as an early 19th century Dutch farmstead, offering a storied canvas on which to layer replicated additions and contemporary components. The interiors have been decorated with the homeowners extensive art collection, adding warmth and character. While on the outside, the house and barn serve as a platform for aesthetic appreciation in all forms.

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What We Love: This farmhouse-inspired residence offers its homeowners a home that respects it’s historic roots while being modernized for comfortable living. Our favorite space in this home is the greenhouse-kitchen, it presents an extraordinary space to cook with an indoor-outdoor feel… Readers, please share with us in the comments what details in this home you found most inspiring and why!

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Above: The fireplace surround was reclaimed from France. The exquisite light fixture was custom designed and fabricated for the space. The flooring material is a reclaimed white Oak.

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Above: The greenhouse-kitchen features expansive countertops for cookings while intertwining plants to give the space an outdoor feeling. The elements helps to blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

Farmhouse-Inspired Residence-JLF Design Build-09-1 Kindesign

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Above: The stone on the exterior facade is native red stone, which is seen throughout Northern Pennsylvania. The stone has been white washed on this portion of the home.

Farmhouse-Inspired Residence-JLF Design Build-14-1 Kindesign

Photos: Courtesy of JLF Design Build

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Rosanna Catlin
4 years ago

Every thing is Gorgeous

5 years ago

Love the windows in the corridor, living area and especially the nook where the desk is. The kitchen is lovely, it too much for my tastes, though it would get very hot and expensive to cool, on sunny summer days.

Alyson O'Connor
5 years ago

I love the exterior of the house and the kitchen. Gorgeous.

5 years ago

I am looking for ideas for a retirement home and this home is wonderful. I love all the windows and that it is brick. We redid our farmhouse to look similar to these photos. I grew up in a contemporary house but prefer the traditional home for it’s warmth. Kitchen is wonderful.

6 years ago

Oh if only I had the money! Gorgeous!

Jim VanOwen
6 years ago

Some good design ideas, the greenhouse/kitchen stands out but this is hardly a home, it’s over the top. For the sake of sustainability and in a nod to smaller households, we need to get away from 2400sf+ and return to sanity.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jim VanOwen

You do realize that this house is over 100 years old, right? The owners and designers did the most ‘green’ and responsible act by rehabbing an old home. That IS SUSTAINABILITY!