Eco-friendly ranch home designed to maximize Rocky Mountain views

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This eco-friendly mountain dwelling was designed by Krueger Architecture in collaboration with builders RA Nelson Construction, located in Lake Creek, Colorado. The home was sited on the property to take advantage of the rugged mountain views and the meandering river. The interior living spaces have been designed to extend to the outdoor spaces drawing nature in, as well as adding warmth and comfort.

There are multiple Weiland sliding doors throughout the home, bringing the outdoors in. These doors are arranged around several of the outdoor courtyards, all on varying scales and orientations to enable the enjoyment of year-round outdoor living. This fantastic home is built to USGBC’s LEED Gold standards, creating a truly “green” living experience.

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Above: This stunning living room features a show-stopping fireplace wall comprised of two different stones, Colorado buff and Oklahoma brownstone. The masonry surround has been laid in a drystack pattern, creating a visually pleasing focal point. The incredible custom fireplace box measures at 24″ x 7′. The linear burner is by Montigo.

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What We Love: This  eco-friendly dwelling offers an inviting exterior facade that is equally as warm and welcoming on the interior. Large sliding door openings helps to blur indoor-outdoor boundaries, brining the rugged and peaceful landscape into this home. A soothing color palette invites relaxation, while material elements of wood and stone helps to further connect the home to its landscape.

Readers, please share with us what details in this home most appeals to you and why in the comments below!

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According to the builders, “sustainable features includes: a high performing building envelope, use of interior thermal mass materials at the south facing windows, spray foam insulation that achieved R-63 in the roof and R-35 in the walls.”

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Above: To take advantage of the surrounding rugged beauty, the design team created large opening doors and protected patios to celebrate the river setting. Expansive windows with shade structures and a sunny patio captures mountain vistas and plenty of sunshine to the south. Additional highlights on this property includes a secluded, heavily vegetated patio with water features, which creates a buddha garden for practicing yoga. An arid meadow landscape welcomes visitors up to the entryway of this home.

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Photos: David Marlow

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