Cape Cod-style cottage radiates with pops of sunshine yellow

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This lovely Cape Cod-style cottage was designed by North Carolina-based interiors studio Alys Design, located in Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The designer was called upon by her sister, to refresh a 150-year old beach house into a warm and comfortable family summer retreat. The home offers yellow accents throughout the interiors, along with mesmerizing water vistas. After purchasing, the homeowners decided the home needed “sunshine and brightening” if they were going to reside here.

Consisting of 3,700 square feet of living space, the original home felt dark and closed off, since it had been added to over the years. After taking a look at the home’s floorplan, the designer and her sister worked together on sketches of a new vision for the home. The views were maximized and the interior living spaces were opened up to facilitate smooth transitions from one space to another.

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Interior walls were removed to create an open plan living, dining and kitchen area. Small windows that faced the river were replaced with larger windows, which included a pair of sliding glass doors. The lower level is now light-filled and airy, showcasing larger-than-life water views. A wooden swing was affixed to the ceiling of the living room by way of a thick cotton rope. Not only do they represent joy, they also help to bring the outdoors in.

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Above: The kitchen features brand new casement windows above the sink to bring in natural light and views. Upper cabinetry was taken out, in its stead is lime-washed vertical shiplap and breezy open shelves. The lower cabinets really pop, painted in an uplifting hue: Bright Yellow 2022-30 | Benjamin Moore. The Parsons-style counter stools around the island were also painted in the same color. This color can be found throughout the lower level, on the stairs as a faux runner, the living room throw pillows, light fixtures, etc.

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What We Love: This Cape Cod-style cottage is infused with bright pops of yellow throughout, creating an uplifting vibe that is warm and inviting. This would be a wonderful place to spend the summers with family, enjoying the peaceful location on the water. The eclectic mix of old and new really adds to the overall aesthetic, creating a causal and relaxed, kid-friendly environment.

Readers, please share your overall thoughts, do you like the pops of yellow used in the design of this home? Could you picture spending your summers here?

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Above: This eclectic dining room has a casual feel to it, welcoming friends and family to the elongated dining table. The table was crafted from 17-foot long kingwood boards that were discovered in the attic. There is a mixture of chairs and benches to comfortably seat 22 guests.

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Above: A sitting room features a repurposed wooden cable spool, used as the coffee table. It is accented by slipcovered chairs sourced from Lee Industries.

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Above: The master bedroom offers a desk that the husband works from on Fridays. He commutes from the family’s main home in the suburbs of Boston to be with his family on the weekends.

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Above: In the girl’s bedroom, there are five twin iron beds set up dormitory style and covered with patchwork quilts.

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Above: In this nautical style guest bedroom, the blue sailboat wallcovering and black flooring was preserved. While a white spindle bed was added to this space, along with a repurposed vintage jug that now serves as a lamp. An old highchair was transformed into a nightstand.

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Above: This guest bathroom features lemony stripes of tile, radiating with sunshine.

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Above: This art project area was devised as a kid-friendly space for a rainy day. The kids can be inspired in this space to do arts and crafts. It was once an old tool shed set between the garage and laundry room. It is now an art barn. The wall features corkboard sheeting that was affixed with glue. An enamel table provides plenty of craft space, while a yellow barn light offers task lighting.

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Above: The mudroom provides plenty of storage for housing outdoor gear.

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Above: This retro-chic laundry room is concealed behind a yellow painted barn door. Canvas laundry bins are set under a folding table, allowing guests plenty of space to drop their beach towels.

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Photos: Dan Cutrona / David A. Land for Coastal Living

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