Delightful country house retreat in Brazil merges indoor and outdoor

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This spectacular country house retreat was designed by architect Miguel Pinto Guimarães of MPG Arquitetura, located just outside of São Paulo, Brazil. The architect first visited the property without the clients, wishing to get a feel of the terrain and let the project materialize. Picking up his ink pen, he put the first draft of this country house on paper, where his vision came to life. The solution translated from this sketch was to explore a classic element of our architecture: the balcony.

In the architects view, the place of warm family gatherings in Brazilian homes since the colonial period has evolved. A contemporary version translates to an environment that favors a strong visual connection with the landscape; seamlessly uniting the front garden to the back garden. The structure was formed into an L-shaped design, where a generous living room-balcony is fully integrated into the garden.

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The simplicity of the rural architecture gave way to sophisticated contours, delineated by the metal structure. Yet the architect did not lose sight of the goal to create fresh breezes, clarity and nature. He wanted to create a comfortable interior space that was protected from the elements. For the sake of beauty and well-being, the architect strategically arranged two volumes of cross-section in order to measure the afternoon sun and the insolent winds of the region to obtain adequate ventilation and sunshine.

This layout created an exclusive living area on the ground level: a private apartment, equipped with a living room and an en-suite bedroom. This opens out to a delightfully lush outdoor space, where the homeowners can enjoy a relaxing retreat away from the rest of the family.

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What We Love: This striking country house retreat features a beautiful indoor-outdoor connection with open and comfortable living spaces. The tropical environment that surrounds the home only further enhances the natural beauty of the living spaces. A serene and peaceful family home that offers plenty of privacy when needed.

Readers, what details in this home do you find most inspiring? Please share your feedback in the comments below!

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Photos: Victor Affaro

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