LEED Silver family retreat nestled on the shoreline of Vashon Island

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This lovely traditional style family retreat is the work of design studio Hoedemaker Pfeiffer, located on Vashon Island, the largest island in Puget Sound, Washington. The scenic island is a slice of rural paradise just west of Seattle—and at just a quick ferry ride away, it is known for its sandy beaches, woodsy trails and nature reserves that are intermingled with wineries, galleries, farm stands selling freshly picked berries and other unique sights.

The homeowners selected this island for a vacation home that would give them a peaceful sense of quietude from busy Seattle. “This challenging site had setbacks from shoreline and wetland that rendered it nearly unbuildable,” states the architects. “But working with regulatory agencies a narrow building site was defined and access created by a wood bridge. The quality of both shoreline and wetland were improved and the house built between the two.”

Project Team: Architects: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer / Interior Design: Krista Stafford / Contractor: ​McIntyre Construction / Landscape: Kenneth Philp Landscape Architects​

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Building materials were reclaimed or salvaged as much as possible and all custom work was locally sourced. Expansive windows fill the house, enhancing natural light and reducing the need for artificial lighting. The careful selection of materials, construction methods, water catchment, and the use of low VOC finishes amongst other elements awarded this home LEED for Homes—Silver Certification, 2009.

Most importantly, this house was built with the highest level of craftsmanship and durability. Unique features of this residence includes two lighthouse towers—which are actually sleeping quarters—a cast concrete fireplace and white painted custom cabinetry and paneling.

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LEED Silver Certification: Durable construction and finishes, low and zero VOC finishes and paints, reclaimed timber flooring (from a local school gym), water catchment system for laundry, toilets and irrigation, WaterSense toilets and fixtures, high-efficiency irrigation system, daylight design, locally made doors and windows, recycled content counters, permeable driveway, restored wetland (with a bridge over the wetland reducing impact of traffic), Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, lamps and dimmer switches, sustainably harvested lumber and closed cell foam insulation.

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What We Love: Bright and airy living spaces characterizes this inviting family retreat showcasing views over the Puget Sound. The quietness of the island makes this home a relaxing respite, where all you have to worry about is being on island time. We could picture spending summers luxuriating in this heavenly abode… how about you?

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Photography: ​Alex Hayden​

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