Bright and airy villa with Scandinavian touches in Surrey, England

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This bright and airy villa was renovated by London-based interior design studio Sigmar, located in Surrey, a county in the south east of England, United Kingdom. The interiors are characterized by 20th century design, with beautiful Scandinavian touches. You get a sense of a grand and sophisticated yet homely feel when you look around this lovely family home.

It is quite inviting with plenty of warmth added through a layering of textures. Spaces seem to flow harmoniously from one to the next thanks to an extensive renovation that opened up the interior living spaces. The designers paid careful attention to not only the fine details that will make this home timeless, but also to the quality of the materials used throughout.

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Sigmar is a multidisciplinary design studio, started in 2005 by founders Ebba Thott and Nina Hertig. They offer interior design services that specialize in designing a single piece of bespoke furniture for a home. They also offer complete alterations to an interior layout, in addition to making structural changes.

The added benefit to working with these designers is that they have an established boutique furnishings shop in the same premises are their design studio. The shop offers 20th century pieces, vintage items and Scandinavian furnishings. This helps to create a living environment that is unique and warm with personal touches.

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What We Love: This bright and airy villa offers the homeowners a cozy family home to enjoy for years to come. There are plenty of doors and windows that connect the indoors to the outdoors, drawing nature inside. Although the home has a grand feel, the furnishings, accessories and textures helps to soften the spaces. Overall, a beautiful aesthetic has been achieved by the designers. Readers, what are your thoughts on this home?

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Photos: Courtesy of Sigmar

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