Beach house flooded with light and freshness on the Mediterranean Sea

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Built in the 1950s, this beautiful Mediterranean style beach house is located in Jávea, a coastal town in the province of Alicante, Valencia, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. When the home was originally constructed, there was no road in the area. Fisherman took several trips to bring materials in by boat. There was no architect that oversaw the work, instead, the only advice these seamen had was the experience they had accumulated from generations to build their humble homes. More than half a century later, the dwelling stands just as beautiful as the day it was built.

The well-built structure was an advantage to the new owners. Since the home was positioned on a beach, it is protected by the Coastal Act, so nothing in it could be modified. Any reform or expansion was off the table, however electricity installations and water were updated. Modern appliances in the kitchen were included, with the functionality and performance of the 21st century. Architectural elements such as ceilings, beams, floor and windows were maintained.  The Mediterranean overlooks the interior, flooded with light and freshness.

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The finished house offers  a new aesthetic, where coatings played an essential role in the interior decoration. The predominance of white and blue brush strokes paint a refreshing framework, in line with the serenity of the sea that juts into the housing through its windows open to the Mediterranean. Inside, wooden chairs with wicker seating and accessories in natural fibers evoke the traditional decoration of houses on the coast. A nod to the original builders of housing that since its simplicity, created a solid home, whose spirit still lingers in time.

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Mediterranean Style: The walls and facades are coated with lime or white washed paint, immaculate both inside and outside of the house. The woodwork is wooden, slatted doors and shutters. The finish varies depending on the area: blue, green, dark brown.  The rolling shutters or blinds placed on windows and exterior doors, protect the interior of the house from heat and direct sunlight. The floors evoke natural and soft materials such as clay or stone.

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What We Love: Besides being ideally positioned on the Mediterranean Sea, this lovely beach house was decorated with a warm and cozy feel. There is a lot of character and personality with preserved details mixed with modern updates. The home has a charming quality to it, and the views through the windows are spectacular!

Readers, what do you think, could you find yourself living in this adorable beach house on the Mediterranean Sea?

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Photos: Mi Casa

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