Exotic retreat with astonishing features on the Kona Coast

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Zak Architecture designed this exotic residential village, an assembly of pavilions connected together through gardens and pathways along the Kona Coast. Comprised of 18,000 square feet of living space, the homeowners had a wish to create a home that encouraged interaction amongst their guests yet still maintain some semblance of privacy. This challenge was met by creating a series of pavilions and creating a program where public and private spaces would be separated. The public zones includes the living, dining and kitchen areas, a media room, outdoor dining facility, garage, guest living quarters with a dining and kitchen area as well as an outdoor tennis court; all considered gathering spaces.

The private pavilions encompasses the master bedroom, children’s bedroom, guest bedrooms, home offices and a spa; these areas serve as retreat. Each of the pavilions were maximized to take advantage of the views, has their own privacy and has defined garden areas. Bathrooms open out onto exterior shower gardens, helping to create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. By creating more openness in the structures it helps to ground them to their Hawaiian environment, allowing fresh ocean air breezes to ventilate the house, bring in natural light and allow expansive views out to the ocean.

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Here is what the architects had to say about this exotic home, “as with the site planning, the architecture of each building is designed to express individual elements thus clarifying and celebrating the assembly. The sliding walls and intimate scale of each building allow them to open directly to the garden on all sides. One is guided sequentially through the entry courtyard into the main pavilion. From here the long pool extends toward the ocean and draws it back into the house.” Material elements consists of stone and wood, where stone is used on the walls and wood is used for structural supports and wooden louvers to shade the home from the sun and for privacy.

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What We Love: This extraordinary architectural retreat leaves you feeling relaxed and in awe of the beauty that surrounds this home. From the lush tropical gardens to the sumptuous outdoor living spaces to an inviting swimming pool that makes you want to say “Aloha”, this is one dream home that truly is a dream. This home exemplifies Hawaiian living in style, with impeccable design details and cozy, welcoming living spaces… what do you think, could you picture this as your vacation home?

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Photos: Matthew Millman

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