Luxurious mediterranean lifestyle provided by retreat in Ibiza

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With four bedrooms and four bathrooms, this luxury modern retreat called “Casa Libelai” is located in Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, in the heart of the Spanish island of Ibiza, in the Mediterranean Sea. The home was constructed in 2004 by a renowned Spanish architect and has since been completely renovated by a British interior designer, updated with state-of-the-art amenities. Comprised of 6,017 square feet (559 square meters), the home had a past life of parties and entertainment events, which left it in need of a modern transformation into a cozy home that was more suitable for a young family to use as their summer vacation home.

The interiors were dramatically changed to reflect a more soothing color palette and relaxing atmosphere that used a mixture of modern furnishings, natural fabrics, eclectic patterns, asian antiques and driftwood pieces that would help to beach style villa within a rural setting. Artwork was used to compliment the clean lines of the architecture and interior design, such as photographs by Dook (Skin and Bone collection). Extensive renovations to the landscaping included native plantings such as olive trees and rosemary, which complimented the stylish exotic gardens of desert plants such as cactus.

We spotted this fabulous property listed on the global real estate website Savills, priced at $5,415,161.

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The property features a main house and a guest house with its own private bedroom with an en-suite bathroom as well as an open plan living area. The main house features a spacious open layout with soaring ceilings and sliding glass doors that expand open to reveal an extensive terrace. This indoor-outdoor living experience is very ideal in this wonderful climate. An open concept dining area is elevated above the living room, with plenty of seating to host a dinner party. A chef’s kitchen offers high-end appliances and convenient access to the terrace, perfect for entertaining.

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Additional amenities in this spectacular villa: a master bedroom suite, which includes with en-suite bathroom, dressing room and an office, not to mention a private terrace and outdoor shower with views all the way out to Formentera island. There are two further bedrooms, both with en-suite bathrooms, both have terraces and one of them has its own outdoor shower. Outside, an infinity edge swimming pool has a decked terrace with sun loungers, ideal for relaxing on this island oasis.

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What We Love: The clean, crisp architectural lines from the exterior facade, to the interior spaces that features comfortable furnishings and relaxing spaces that are ideal to a summer getaway home. We especially love the spacious outdoor living areas and the swimming pool that seems to extend over the hillside, simply breathtaking. This is a dream vacation home on a fantastic island in a remote setting… one word, heavenly! How about you, would this location be where you would picture your vacation retreat?

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