35+ Spectacular neutral bedroom schemes for relaxation

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Designing your bedroom oasis with a neutral color palette can be relaxing, timeless, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing on the eyes with its soft and soothing hues. With a color scheme that is extremely versatile, it makes it simple to pair fabrics and furnishings. The nice thing about designing with a neutral color palette is that it helps to make your space feel bright and airy, so if your space is small, lighter colors will help to create the illusion of space. This is where mirrors (hanging on the wall or sitting on the floor like in the image above) come in handy, they refract light and also help to visually make your space feel larger.

Neutrals are also very calming, and this is exactly what you want for your bedroom, this is a space you come in to relax and rest. Adding a fireplace will help to bring some romance into your space, but if that is not in your budget, candles are always an excellent alternative… and they make your space smell great! Whether your bedroom style is modern or classic, spacious or small, we have gathered together a collection of inspiring images that will help give you ideas to transform your space into a haven of relaxation. Enjoy!

Image Above: The modern farmhouse style bedroom features a warm, neutral color scheme with an emphasis on textures. To create a nice visual on the bedding, layer with crisp cotton sheets, linen duvet cover and top it with a chunky knit throw for those cool nights… or just for aesthetics! For the flooring, select either soft carpeting or wood flooring with a plush area rug that will feel simply delightful on a chilly morning.

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If you are looking for some other neutral color scheme ideas, you might enjoy this article we featured in the past here on 1 Kindesign, 35 Super stylish and inspiring neutral living room designs.

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Wanting more bedroom inspiration? Take a look through some other ideas from past articles, 46 Dreamy white bedroom design inspirations, or have a look at this fantastic feature on 33 Chic and stylish bedrooms dressed in black and white.

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If you have a bay window in your bedroom like the image above, make this the feature of the room. This resort-inspired bedroom takes advantage of the window by placing relaxing armchairs in a neutral hue for a small sitting area. You can also opt for built-in seating or a chaise lounge.

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In the guest bedroom above, a playful suspended chair hangs in the corner, along with poufs by Restoration Hardware. A wood clad wall decorated with faux antlers gives this space a rustic appeal.

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A four-poster bed creates a nice centrepiece to a neutral bedroom, infusing a romantic style to the scheme. If you really want to heat up the romance in this space, you can add to this look by attaching white sheer voile curtains to the wooden rails.

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This neutral bedroom scheme is unique and original, designed for a bachelor living in Texas. The headboard wall features 24″x24″ tiles sourced from The American Tin Ceiling Company. Six varying tile patterns were used on the wall in different sizes to create a nice focal to the space that the designer references as being “Industrial Comfort”. The look is inexpensive to create and adds a cool visual appeal that is one of a kind!

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The amazing chandelier above this bed, in case anyone was wanting the source, is called the “Muriel Chandelier”, and you can purchase it from here. The paint used on the walls is from Benjamin Moore, White Dove.

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