An exquisite Italian villa perched in the mountains of Sardinia

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Its been awhile since we featured an attractive foreign villa here on 1 Kindesign, so today we are taking you to Sardinia, Italy to visit the exquisite Villa Splendida. This contemporary private estate is surrounded by lush greenery, perched high on a peaceful hillside setting in one of the most exclusive areas of Sardinia. The villa is not far from some of the most splendid beaches in the region, just one of the many attractions to this wonderful vacation rental. The property respects its local environment, using a sustainable building approach to its luxury design. All of the structures have been re-built using stones from the estate that was originally on the property. The interiors feature vernacular architecture of dry-stone walls, consisting of just over 4,305 square feet (400 square meters) of living space. Comprised of a spacious living and dining room, gourmet kitchen, a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and two guest suites.

We spotted this villa on the website Luxury Retreats, so if you are interested in staying at this spectacular villa, you will find prices ranging anywhere from $2,911 to $3,807/night.

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Outdoor spaces encompass several covered terraces, an extensive lap pool as well as a bowling green. A more private multi-level terrace close to the house offers al fresco dining with a wood-burning oven and outdoor kitchen, making it the perfect spot for entertaining guests. The terrace offers sweeping views over the swimming pool, not to mention breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside!

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What We Love: With its light and breezy contemporary style and open floor plan, this stunning villa would be a relaxing retreat to spend a week and leave feeling refreshed. From the breathtaking views of rugged mountaintops to the serene neutral tones of the lovely interiors, this is one heavenly vacation we can all take together… with our eyes! Let’s venture on, have a look through the images below and be sure to let us know what you think of this vacation villa.

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If you love Italy and are interested in seeing some other beautiful vacation rentals in the region, have a look at a couple more features that we have presented here in the past on 1 Kindesign. We will start with this Charming stone farmhouse in Umbria: Villa Noci and end with this Luxurious Tuscan villa with enchanting gardens. Enjoy!

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