35 Amazing Solutions For Bedroom Headboard Alternatives

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When you decorate your bedroom, it seems natural to have a bed with a headboard, but there are plenty of alternative solutions to create something more unique and original. Whether you are on a fixed budget, renting your space or just want to be different, there are plenty of ideas to spice up a large blank wall. Anywhere from hanging textiles, to shelves with art and book collections to groupings of mirrors and artwork, have a look below for some fabulous budget-friendly ideas to get you inspired on your next bedroom decorating project! If you are more of a traditionalist, then be sure to check out some other wonderful bedroom ideas here:

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Have a look at a couple of other alternative headboard solutions that we have featured here: 44 Amazing DIY chalkboard headboard ideas for the bedroom and 37 Super chic DIY headboard ideas.

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Shelves make a great alternative to a headboard, providing space to display personal items such as books, pictures, artwork and decorative pieces.

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Trying using a textile in place of a headboard. In the image above a black and white floral tapestry was used as a decorative element and focal point to the space.

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Create an accent wall by cladding it with wood in a vertical or horizontal pattern, adding warmth and visual interest.

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A wood paneled wall replaces a traditional headboard in this bedroom, creating a relaxing oasis. Decorative accents are used above such as artwork and a shelf for displaying art.

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Try placing your bed below a window to create visual interest while at the same time helping to anchor it.

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Add a DIY dreamcatcher above your bed for visual and textural interest!

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Create a focal point behind your bed by affixing a large mural or wallpaper. If you are renting your space, you can infuse pops of personality by using removable decals such as Mur.

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A non-functioning fireplace is used as a headboard in this bedroom space. The bed frame is a DIY, a piece of live-edge wood (which was ordered by this homeowner from EBay) is used for the frame, mounted on casters to help raise it off the ground.

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Frame your bed between long silky curtains to create a romantic, Bohemian vibe.

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A picture ledge can be installed above your bed frame to display continuously revolving artwork.

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An accent wall covered with wallpaper is used to decorate this bedroom sans headboard. The source is ‘Genuine Fake Books’ by Deborah Bowness.

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An eye-catching mural is not only a fantastic way to decorate a wall but also to use in place of a headboard. It can be hand painted, printed on a wall covering or even on fabric, which is a great temporary solution!

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A queen bed has been build into a library alcove, creating a cozy space that can conveniently house your favorite book selections.

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Framed or gilded mirrors can be an excellent and very decorative alternative to a traditional headboard… and they can help make a room feel more spacious by reflecting light.

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A fun DIY project, collect old books and affix them to your wall to create a one-of-a-kind headboard.

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A colorful piece of artwork the width of your bed frame can add a nice visual and decorative focal point to your bedroom.

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