Texas Hill Country ranch home offers a water’s edge retreat

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This modern ranch home was designed as a quiet family weekend retreat by Lake Flato Architects along with Poet Interiors, located in Vanderpool, Texas. An existing old ranch home of 1,000 square feet was torn down and in its place was the design of a more modernized dwelling consisting of 4,500 square feet. Nestled on the confluence of two creeks are four separate structures positioned around the site of a 20th century dam (offering a nine foot deep swimming and fishing hole), which creates a courtyard that is shaded by overgrown pecan trees. The main living and gathering areas are connected to the dam, offering fabulous views of both the creek and the surrounding landscape. The three bedrooms are positioned near the main creek and the trees, which provides both a cooling from the water and much needed shade from the hot Texas sun. The home sits at the beginning of the spring, which protects it from flooding. The family enjoys exploring the creeks in the warmer months by kayak and paddleboard.

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Material elements includes locally quarried limestone, steel and glass. The interiors respond to the natural environment, using a palette of local materials that are tactile and modern. The living room offers walls of glass that offers views and ventilation, blurring the lines between indoors and out. Polished concrete flooring can be seen throughout the main living areas as well as the guest wing. The overall aesthetic for the interiors scheme is a casual weekend house focusing on laid back furnishings that are sophisticated and elegant without being overdone.

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What We Love: This home feels like a sanctuary from the rest of the world, between the separate structures that each offers private living spaces to all of the unique outdoor living spaces and the waterways, this is one treat for the eyes! The natural materials used throughout the interiors is breathtaking… and so are the views through the expansive windows in the home. What do you think of this home, what are the standout features for you?

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This stunning kitchen offers custom cabinetry and ceiling panels comprised of rift-cut white oak. The backsplash is oceanic bluestone tile, which contrasts nicely with the light wood. The center island is constructed of metal, with a countertop slab of mesquite wood, which is very durable.

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A guest wing in the form of an L-shape provides two additional bedrooms, which is situated to the left of the courtyard. A porch in the guest wing offers a cozy little nook for curling up with a good book or taking an afternoon siesta!

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The guest bedroom offers beautiful landscape views of the rolling Texas hills.

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A glass walkway connects the bedroom wing with the main living area, of the kitchen, living and dining, which extends creek to creek.

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One of the daughter’s bedrooms (the girls are teenaged twins), offering a loft space. The other bedroom is an exact replica.

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A screen-in porch offers a cozy spot to entertain family and guests and enjoy a warm fire from the limestone clad fireplace.

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The above photo shows a swim porch positioned at the water’s edge, a very popular hangout spot on the property. A shallow step enables the family to pull their kayaks out of the water and then go lounge in the outdoor living spaces while enjoying the fireplace and pizza oven. A copper roof steel structure provides much needed shade from the hot Texan sun.

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At the top of the hill is this barn structure, which holds farming equipment. There is also a vegetable garden, an orchard of fruit trees and free-range chickens on this 3,000 acre oasis.

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Photos: Courtesy of Lake Flato Architects

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